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Why the Hell did I QUIT my Well Paying Job to Start Entrepreneurship?

Well, I must tell you that I was doing very well for myself in all my corporate stints whether it was at SAMSUNG or at HP or at TCS.


In fact, I was drawing a very high salary, high enough not to quit and start the journey of entrepreneurship. Now some of you at this point might think “My friend High for you might not be High enough for me”…and to respond to that I will say, I was drawing more than half a crore Indian rupees which at a conversion rate of 75 rs / USD is close to 80,000 USD in INDIA at the age of 32 in 2016…..Well, that money was high enough for me way then that allowed me to enjoy a luxury life of international holidays, buy luxury cars and gifts for my loved ones….and gain a lot of respect in Society…Yeah, I had that shallow thinking that “MONEY attracts RESPECT”…..


The day I decided to quit my job, my parents, my wife everybody kind of disowned me… in-laws got worried if they had got the daughter married to the right person……hahaha 🙂


But like we all know family is family after all and hence they all finally decided to support me in my decision.


But the question was why did I even QUIT my job that was very well taking care of all my NEEDS?….financial.Personal and even Ego needs…


Well before answering this question for you, I must share a little background of my career & education as it all finally builds up to the answer.


As a child, I belonged to a middle-class family, my father served as a colonel in defence forces & mother worked as a school teacher. I also had a younger brother and we were a family of 4. Today I am a married man, blessed with a 1-year-old cute Lil kid.


Now as a kid why I called myself from the middle class is because, till the age of 14, we as a family of 4 still rode around the city on my father’s Bajaj Chetak Scooter.


We had our first car as a “FIAT Padmini” only in 1997, which also was a second-hand car only. My father always told me that as an honest Army Officer, he worked to earn respect and not money. As I grew up, I always had dreams of buying expensive clothes & moving into luxury cars…and FIAT Padmini DEFINITELY did not fit that dream…


A lot of you might say that the choice of cars was limited way back then but to them, I must share that even then there were enough luxury and semi-luxury cars but the reality was we did not own them, not even a first-hand car.


While I say this, I must also share that I am very proud of my Dad & Mom for the person I am today and I have no regrets of my past. I am extremely grateful to them for building the human being and the value system in me.


Only trouble was that they tried to make a Good Human Being who should Only WORK in a COMPANY and never START or OWN a Company….because for some odd reasons they thought that business is not the right thing to do….


Those days, I did not understand why they had negative perceptions about business but I did understand the same as I grew in life….


In my younger days until my job at HP which is post MBA, I never really bought any branded clothes or branded shoes…. In fact…my first NIKE & first TIMEX watch was only after I joined Hewlett Packard (HP) in 2009…at 27 years of age ..Yep…


Now, this feeling of not being able to afford Brands and Luxuries created a human in me who not only wanted to be RICH….but also wanted to be RICH really FAST…….


I joined my first job at TCS as a software engineer and soon I got introduced to my first Part-Time Entrepreneurship stint…. Quick Rich Scheme…..


Yes, I got introduced to a “Network Marketing” firm called “AMWAY” that told me that I was only supposed to make 2 people under me who also have to add only two more under them and the chain will continue and make me a Millionaire in no TIME.


Now AMWAY and Network marketing firms mostly lure the younger generation because at that young age, a lot of us do not really have exposure to business and a lot of us do not really understand the depth of business, marketing, sales or finance. The only thing we understand at that young age is that we all need money…yes….a lot of money to get rich…This need is even stronger if you are from a middle-class family…


And I must say that these network marketing companies understand the pain of their target market really very very well….Money…Get Rich Soon…Middle class…”Awesome INGREDIENT for their SUCCESS”.hehehe…..I am sure as you are reading, a lot of you must have burnt their hands on these firms already….hehe….never mind…part of life…


This proves that though I was working at TCS as a software engineer, I was also trying my luck at entrepreneurship…… even though it was a part-time effort…but the effort is effort…effort to go for meetings..effort to call others and convince them to come for meetings….…. One fine day, I decided to give it a PAUSE as I accepted that I failed in this first BUSINESS stint…and I also accepted that I failed miserably as I could not even convince one guy to buy these pyramid shitty plans….


Eventually, as time progressed, I moved on from this Network Marketing business…

My parents who were totally unaware of these part-time entrepreneurial adventures of mine started pushing me to prepare for MBA exams. I sat through CAT and other MBA exams and even got selected in one of these well known MBA colleges from Pune. I joined there for a 2-year course and was also kind of happy as I thought MBA will be the right thing to do to strengthen my business journey…


What I did not know was that though the term MBA has “BUSINESS” in it, in REALITY, these so-called B Schools, teach you everything but the only thing which is how to build a Business…… HAH HAHAHA…….The biggest joke that we do not realise in all 2 years of MBA.


After finishing my MBA degree in 2009, I joined Hewlett Packard (HP) in its SALES division at Bangalore. Now 2009 was a recession year and there were people who did not even get a job after MBA whereas fortunately for me, I at least had a campus placement job offer from Hewlett Packard….It was a different thing that since a slowdown, Hewlett Packard (HP) asked all the new joiners like me to join with a 30% salary cut…but it was still ok as I at least had a job…


My first job gave me a fixed salary of only INR 22,000 as a Post-tax amount per month. Now such a low salary that too after the MBA was kind of killing all my dreams.


At HP, I had joined the Software SALES division and this job in times ahead turned out to be the first game-changer of my life.


At HP, I became one of the best SALES hunters and dealmakers in the organization as I overachieved my targets by over 200% year on year. This extraordinary performance not only gave me extraordinary incentives but also an extraordinary growth in salary and within no time my Pre TAX Salary grew from 7 lacs CTC (Fixed+Variable) to 25 lacs CTC in a short span of 2 years. But…But….my hunger did not stop there…as I wanted to be richer…Earn more and more…..


After a 3 years stint at HP, I joined Samsung where again I had a rock star performance in SALES and closed many multi-million dollar sales deals, a result of which, I again experienced extraordinary sales incentives and salary growth. I was an absolute sales hunter at Samsung too and was known for getting deals from clients nobody ever imagined.

Everything was going great until I had a conversation with a WISE Man post which I suddenly decided to Hang my Boots and start afresh journey once again…..Do you want to know what was the conversation…? Keep Reading my friend…Keep reading :)…


My boss at my time of resignation called me a FOOL as I was quitting such a lucrative career and so did a lot of near and dear ones. People around me told me “You are leaving a dream Job”….But I was not ready to hear anyone because I had made up my mind….and it was all because of a conversation that I had with a wise man…..


Now let me share that conversation with you. I met a wise person who asked me are you successful in life and I replied ”yes Of course”..


He asked me how do you prove that to which my response was “I earn enough money at 32 to afford a chauffeur and a car”. “I can buy a 4 BHK house and maybe a BMW tomorrow itself with my current salary”. “I travel by Air to wherever I go” “I stay in five-star hotels whenever I go out for a vacation” “So all these all things should prove you that I am getting closer to becoming a millionaire or a rich man soon”


Now, this Wise Man was not done as yet and he was getting ready with his next set of Questions….. He said, “I Agree you can afford a car but can you buy a JET or a private Yacht with your current salary or maybe future salary too”…Now I had never heard any salesman or even CEO with a private plane or YACHT……and so my response to the WISE MAN was straight ”NO”….I thought this man was going crazy and thought to ignore him…..

but he did not stop there…He went on to ask, “Yes I know you travel by AIR, but only by economy class every time you travel, can you afford to travel by Business Class or FIRST CLASS in coming days”….to which I thought to argue and made a point ”Why do i need to?? For a 3 hour flight, I can travel in the economy…only to realize that he was hinting at the rich who travel by Business Class and First class every time they travel by air”……


His fire did not stop there and he asked the last question like the last nail in the coffin “Yes I agree you can afford a 4 BHK but can you buy an ISLAND”….Now I was kinda sure that this man was crazy and I raised my voice to tell him “Who the Hell gets such luxuries”…. And His Answer was “ENTREPRENEURS”…..”BUSINESSMEN”…..”OWNERS Of COMPANIES”……..!

And it is this EXACT statement that actually led me to start my business with a DREAM to become ULTRA Rich…..a DREAM to enjoy ultra luxuries of life…


I know it might sound foolish but getting richer than what I was already was the only reason for me to think of starting my own business someday…..


In hindsight, I call this the biggest FOOLISH mistake of my life….My first STEP, My “WHY”…My Starting point to start the entrepreneurial journey itself was wrong…..!

But….But…..I am glad that I corrected it …. only after 12 months of starting this journey Full Time….


Now the question is, “Is it WRONG to Start a Business with a DREAM to earn big money”????


I will answer that in the next Blog…..Keep Reading….Keep enjoying the REAL journey of a REAL entrepreneur who built his first venture….failed….Built his second venture…..Which also was on verge of collapsing with over 30 lacs of Losses…… Only to BOUNCE back and also build multiple other businesses that included a School for Underprivileged, a Dental care Clinic, JAVA training institute, and a retail Jewellery brand in partnership with other Entrepreneurs…..Cheers to this Journey :)…See you in the next BLOG that answers if it is “WRONG TO BUILD BUSINESS WITH DREAM OF MAKING BIG MONEY” 🙂

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