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WHY I Write and So Should You…!

WHY I Write and So Should You…! 🙂.🙂.🙂.🙂.

Very Important but oftentimes Ignored “Management Lesson” one should imbibe very early in professional & personal life: “Habit to Write”📝🖋️

“Habit to Write” all “Random Thoughts” that passes our mind…thoughts that hold even slightest of importance… Be it personal or professional…Business ideas…Work-related Issues..M.O.M’s…New Learnings…Goals…Just anything important..🙂.. WHY?? Coz…

1. WRITING helps us save a lot of time🕰️🕰️

2. Helps to move towards the GOAL🎯

Coz every time we make an EFFORT to WRITE, our brain also makes an equal effort to give “STRUCTURE” 📝 to these “Random Thought” by giving us directions.. next steps, etc😀.

So now when you have your next step defined, you would less likely be revisiting the older thought and will more likely move progressively towards the next step.😀

Ironically, even I wasn’t very disciplined😞 to writing during my early career days & had tough times with my bosses/mentors/wellwishers but eventually developed this habit like a rock by the passing years.

To my sadness, I to date find this reluctance “to write” very common among my team members who work with me or even among my students/clients who come for my Business Workshops or Business Consulting.

But I do not give up and try my best to push this habit in them by sometimes motivating them and sometimes even being angry with them (though actually, I am not angry)

Now, I do it with a purpose because I know a lot of them to have very strong potential in them and it is this one single Habit that can potentially transform them from being just any “human being” to a “LEADER” someday… 🙂

But now every time I push them to write, they have these common excuses like…

1. Sir, I am Lazy to write…

2. Sir, my English is not so good…Grammar issues…

3. Sir, Why to Write and waste time…just listen and finish it off…

Now to all who have these above reasons, I would say, “It’s ok my friend…It’s okay…We don’t need to be Shakespeare as we write”…

Because in the end, it is the “THOUGHT” and the “STRUCTURE” that MATTERS & not the Grammar or the Writing style…💪

So be “CARE-FREE” and “WRITE”..😀 because WRITING MATTERS…😎

#entrepreneurship #leadershipskills

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