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Karsanbhai Patel – The man behind sabki pasand – Nirma

” Sabki Pasand – NIRMA…. WASHING POWDER NIRMA.. “– Karsanbhai Patel – The man behind the success of NIRMA

When you read “Nirma”, what rings in your mind is its very famous advertisement jingle. But how much do you know of Mr Karsanbhai Patel, the low-key founder & the mastermind behind Nirma?

In this article I would like to break few myths on Entrepreneurship along with examples from the story of Mr Karsanbhai Patel and his product – Nirma.

Myth : “I need investment and a team to start any business”

You don’t need investment or a team to start doing transactions. Your first focus in any business should be on how to get customers. Investment and team will follow. But what You definitely need is KNOWLEDGE of HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS.

Nirma was first created in the backyard of Karsanbhai Patel’s house and was sold by him going from door to door in his cycle, and he kept doing this for 3 years.

Myth: “Not everybody can start any business”

Karsanbhai Patel was just BSc in Chemistry and not any MBA plus he was working only as a lab technician. Still he built this large empire proves right education is more important that big degrees backing the person.

Myth : “I need to quit my job to start a business”.

You don’t have to quit your job to START a business. It is only your lack of knowledge and lack of clarity that is stopping you. Once you know what to do, how to do, you will have 100% confidence to quit your job when you see that your business is making money.

Karsanbhai Patel continued with his job, made his product during his free time, and sold it on the way to his office and back.

Myth : “Main purpose of a business is to make money”.

A lot of people start business with the sole purpose of making money. Your focus largely depends on your purpose and objective. When money is your objective and that is the only outcome you desire, there is a 99% chance to fail.

We all have been told and taught by friends and colleagues several principles of business that are only myths. Success stories like that of Karsanbhai’s give insight into the world of business which is a lot different from what it is believed to be. Undeterred by the lack of a management degree, unafraid to go up against big names, Karsanbhai is a legend in the entrepreneurial fraternity, today. He is “sab ki pasand” in India.

If you are scared of failing in your ENTREPRENEURSHIP JOURNEY because you are not aware of HOWS & WHATS in the start up journey, then for that I have my flagship incubation program called START NOW which has already empowered several others like you to start the journey and which will empower you too… Provided you take the DECISION to take the next step to LEARN!!

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