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VISION, not Visibility is what is needed to SUCCEED

Darpan Inani, 24-year-old from Gujarat didn’t let his visual impairment stop him from winning in life! We are all abundantly gifted.

How often have you noticed yourself complaining about external factors and making those barriers the excuses to why you are not where you want to be ? Darpan is a legendary chess player in India, today. And do you know what makes him a true inspiration to people like us?

He cannot even see…! Yes, he is visually impaired and yet became the “PRIDE OF INDIA” in the field of chess.

Darpan lost his eyesight when he was just 3 years old due to Stevens-Johnson syndrome. He went through 50 surgeries, yet it couldn’t be reversed. When his friends at school were playing throwball, football, basketball etc which Darpan definitely couldn’t, he discovered that he could definitely play chess. There started his journey…!

He took the help of his parents, friends and coaches to train him and help him excel. So how does he do it? “Well, when the game starts, I imagine the picture of the board with the pieces. As it progresses, my opponent announces every move, and I visualise the pieces accordingly. A move of ‘rook to E6’ changes the visualisation in my mind, but since some games can go up to 5 hours, I touch the pieces to check the position sometimes,” he said.

He was regarded as the highest rated visually impaired chess player in India as of 2013. And apart from being a legendary chess player, he is now focused on studying to become a chartered accountant.

All of us are abundantly gifted! But unfortunately, some of us never even open the package. We are too caught up complaining about what we don’t have that we fail to make use of what we have. It’s not how much we are gifted with that matters but WHAT WE CHOOSE TO DO with it that matters!

I hope this small read inspires you to count your blessing, understand the abundant opportunities available to you, find your strengths and tap into your true potential so that you SUCCEED IN LIFE! Concentrate on the factors you have control over: Persistence, Self-discipline, Confidence, Determination, Quest for knowledge… because far more failures happen due to LACK OF WILL than lack of ability.

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