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The rags to riches story of Billionaire Ramesh Babu Barber

Before we meet billionaire ramesh babu barber, here is a question for you to witness.

Have you ever got your hair cut for just 65 Rs by a Billionaire barber who travels in a Rolls Royce & owns 100+ luxury cars?

This may seem impossible but this is the amazing rags to riches story of Mr. Ramesh Babu – a Barber from Bangalore who is now not only a barber but also the CEO of Ramesh Tours & Travels, one of the top companies in the country in the field of luxury car rentals.

Ramesh Babu Barber wasn’t born with a silver spoon unlike most Indian Billionaires of this generation. His father, P Gopal, who was a barber in Bangalore, died when Ramesh Babu was just 7 years old. With absolutely no savings, all he left behind for his wife and three kids was a small barbershop. Ramesh’s mother started working as a cook to feed her children and support their education. Since she couldn’t run the barbershop, she rented it out for a meager rent of 5 Rs per day to add to her earnings. While he went to school, he had to grow up on just one meal a day as that was all his mom could afford. Ramesh Babu recalls an incident that shaped his mindset very early in life. When he was in class 5, the Teacher asked the students to buy fountain pens for the first time so as to stop using pencils. Ramesh Babu bought a Pilot pen with Rs 3.5 and his uncle got furious when he found out about it and snatched it from him and gave him a cheaper pen instead saying he shouldn’t be using expensive pens. Instead of feeling bad about it or blaming fate for his condition, he decided that he needs to change his fate and create a fortunate life for himself so that his kids would never face this.

Ramesh Babu studied well and was among the top three rankers in class. He was a sportsman too. At 13, he took up a part-time job as a newspaper delivery boy and earned Rs.60 per month. His mother took up tailoring jobs and made some extra money. But that hardly changed the situation for the family. As responsibilities increased, he had to start working instead of studying further, to support his mother and his two younger siblings. That’s when he decided to run the barbershop himself. He renamed his father’s barbershop to “Inner Space” and started doing quite well due to his skills and a very customer-centric approach that he had towards the services provided. He saved some money and bought a Maruti Omni for himself on loan. Since it ended up being idle most of the time as he was busy in his barbershop, he decided to put it out on rent when it was not in use. Little did he know that this was going to one day make him a billionaire!

Ramesh Babu appointed drivers for those who wanted to rent cars along with drivers. He made sure he trained his drivers to behave well and make his clients happy. His first client was Intel, and his business grew as Intel expanded its operations. Things still didn’t go easy for him. There was tight competition in the market at this point in time for car rentals and he found it difficult to cope up. Eventually, Intel withdrew their contract and he lost their business.

At this point of time, is when he decided to take the big risk of purchasing a Mercedes Benz on loan to enter the luxury car segment as he noticed all of his competition was dealing only with small cars and nobody was into luxury car rentals. Everyone warned him against this idea as it was a big deal with high risk. He himself was apprehensive but he knew he had to take this chance if he didn’t want to go back to how he was. He prepared himself for failure and created a backup plan too in the worst-case scenario. Fortunately for him, the risk paid off remarkably as there was no one renting out a brand new luxury car in Bangalore.

Ramesh Babu Barber’s company, Ramesh Tours and Travels Private Limited, now owns a total of 127 cars of which 27 are luxury cars and has on its rolls around 120 employees. His very first driver that he appointed works with him even today. That itself shows the value he provides for his employees. Billionaire Ramesh Babu Barber’s formula for success is relentless hard work and faith in self. Despite his personal obstacles and difficulties all throughout his life, he chose to overcome them and go after success to write his own fate the way he wanted.

Stories like these are what helps us believe that anybody can achieve success if we are ready to give what it takes to succeed! Remember, if you were born poor, it is not your fault. But if you live & die poor, it is only your fault!

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