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The best way to predict your future is to create it – Abraham Lincoln

FEAR OF FAILURE is the most common reason why people aren’t where they should be!

How many times have you wanted to follow your heart, but you just can’t seem to take a step? How many people have you come across, who have tried doing what they wanted to, but went back to where they were before because it didn’t work out? What’s common here is that you are just too AFRAID. Do you know what is it that you fear the most? FAILURE!


Abraham Lincoln’s life is probably the perfect example to understand that you can fail and fail and fail and fail your entire life and still make it a success. Here’s how his failure story goes that eventually led him to be one of the greatest presidents America has ever had:

1816 He and his family were forced to get out of their home. Born into poverty, he had to work and support his family..

1818 His mother passed away

1831 His business failed

1832 Ran for state legislature and lost.

1832 Lost his job & also got rejected from the Law school that he wanted to get in.

1833 He got bankrupt and spent the next 17 years of his life paying off the money that he had borrowed from his friends.

1835 Was engaged to his sweetheart and was left heartbroken when she died.

1836 Was in bed for 6 months after a total nervous breakdown.

1838 Sought to become speaker of the state legislature and got defeated.

1840 Sought to become an elector and got defeated.

1843 Ran for Congress and lost.

1848 Ran for re-election to Congress and lost.

1849 Applied to be a land officer in his home state and got rejected.

1854 Ran for Senate of the United States and lost.

1856 Sought the Vice-Presidential nomination at his party’s national convention and got less than 100 votes.

1858 Ran for U.S. Senate again and he again lost


That is A LOT OF FAILURE. But he didn’t quit. He just kept going. If somebody can be rejected a many times as Abraham Lincoln in such a long span of life, and that many things happened to them, and still became the most influential person in the world, then what is YOUR EXCUSE?

Everything that happens to you is a learning experience. If you have already failed in something you have wanted to do, look at it as a learning experience and find out what you can get from it every time you fail, instead of thinking… ” This wasn’t for me. I must have picked the wrong thing.” DO NOT QUIT JUST BECAUSE YOU FAILED.

You know what’s more powerful than learning from your own mistakes? Learning from somebody else’s mistakes. Why do people pay so much to attend coaching programs? Because there are successful people in that room that they can learn from, who have made mistakes and learned from it and then succeeded. They can learn from them without personally having to go through failure, saving a lot of time and a lot of money.


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