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“Son of RICKSHAW puller, struggle to become an IAS officer”

Govind Jaiswal (IAS officer Batch 2006 AIR 48 ) started his humble journey like any other small town boy from city of BANARAS. In his younger days, he was living out of one small room rented house with his two sisters, mother and father. He was like any other small town boy until an incident took place in his life. Govind Jaiswala was thrown out of the house by his rich friend’s father because he belonged to a poor family. It was this incident that gave him sparkling dreams to breakthrough the poverty in life and succeed as an IAS officer at a young age of only 24 years.

During his childhood days, the house where he stayed with family was surrounded by factories and generators producing unbearable noise pollution and to top it, there were 12 to 14 hours of power cuts all through the day and to beat all, he was even continuously bullied by deprecating comments that came from the society.

But Govind never gave up to these difficulties and fought back all the time. First to beat his daily problems, he used to close all the doors of his house, put cotton in his ears and light a lamp to study. Result was that, he always emerged as topper in his years of education.

Post 12th, when all around were suggesting him to do engineering, he had to drop that idea just because he could not arrange a mere 500 rs for entrance fees resulting which he chose Banaras Hindu University (BHU) where the fees was mere 10 rs at that time.

To overcome his financial problems during his education days, he started taking tutions along with studies.Now came the toughest phase of his struggle journey, which was preparation to IAS and for this, Govind chose to leave home and come to Delhi. But problems and hardships never let him go far from them and luck would have it that his poor father got his leg injured and the family got into financial stress. To overcome this financial trouble, the family sold their one and only ancestor property for just Rs 30,000 and utilised the money for his father’s treatment and Govind’s studies.

Govind’s deep interest lied in numbers and maths but he took up History and Philosophy as subject for the “Mains” in IAS exams because his medium of studies was hindi. The boy used to laughingly say that since it was hindi, it was easy for him to express and to study. The man never let english beat him and subsequently got fluent in english too while just studying in the IAS academy.

Son of RICKSHAW puller,in 2006, among all 474 successful candidates, ranked 48th.

Govind Jaiswal’s father did not have good sleep while awaiting for his son’s results but it was his sisters who were super confident that Govind Jaiswal would make it.

Every successful dream comes with struggle that later becomes motivation for others.

Govind Jaiswal, Son of a RICKSHAW puller quotes: “It is the WILL POWER that makes a human being crack anything and everything in this world”.

I, Saurabh Bhandari, salute to the force behind Govind Jaiswal and his family that made his journey super motivational for all of us. Jai HIND.

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