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I had attended the Growth Workshop. The richness of content & the way it is delivered makes it exclusive. It’s amazing to experience the dynamic improvement in my mindset, skillset & intelligence within a few days of Saurabh ji’s mentorship. I was able to accelerate my performance by enhancing my competence which has helped me in striking a new job with an 80% hike in salary without any room for negotiation.


In the last three months’ journey with Saurabh, I found the area where I am going to be a fit at. With my past experience, I learned the importance of mentorship. Before meeting Saurabh there was no one to tell me about the gap in what I am and what I want to be. Now I started feeling an improvement in the skills required to become an entrepreneur. I started experiencing exponential growth in my communication skill, business fundamentals, decision-making abilities and analytical skills.


This is a MUST program for all those who want to scale their business to the next level. We remain at our shop assuming customers will come, people will come to work… Saurabh’s program tells us how to pull them to us. He has practical and honest approach to business. He trains participants to become leaders in their respective business fields.


I wanted to get into import and export business but had no idea about the processes. Thanks to Saurabh, he brought a change in the way I analyse and approach the business, I did my first shipment in less than 3 months. I’ve gained the knowledge to run a business from Saurabh. He’s a great mentor and an inspiration to me.


Breaking the comfort zone was not easy after being in the corporate Industry. With guidance of Saurabh Bhandari I am able to associate with Business without investment and got equity in an already running business. After his session I got Confident in evaluating and how to execute Business.


Without much knowledge I jumped into distribution business and started facing the heat. Then I joined Saurabh Bhandari’s Program, the guidance that he gives is very practical and implementation of the same was not difficult. I Started to see immediate results from implementing his suggestions. My business revenue grew from 2L to 8L per month,I also moved into trading in the stock market (FUTURES). He is a mentor who not only guides but also pushes your limits to achieve more.


I had lost money investing by gut feelings & emotions. His program is so powerful, that you will never lose money in any business transaction after you have learnt from him. He teaches the hidden logic of each aspect of business and today under his guidance, we have launched FMCG chocolate brand and opening a retail outlet soon.


Transition from technology to Business. I learned every aspect of this journey from this person. He works on our skill development and is committed to an individual’s journey. Thanks to his guidance, I have started a clothing retail store JASHN and am successfully growing it.


Saurabh has an Energetic Persona. His sessions are really useful for people who aspire to become Entrepreneurs. He gives a realistic picture of any opportunity that we have in our mind. So you end up saving money by not investing in the wrong places. Also you get a chance to know like-minded people which will be an advantage in your entrepreneurship journey.


If it wasn’t for this program, I would have continued to remain in IDEA phase. Practical, problem solving approach to business is how he has designed this program where we experience BUSINESS REAL time in LIVE environment and not randomly. He has been generous to share trade secrets of his business that are growth drivers.