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Entrepreneurship Training

Who is it for?

Only for Business Owners of MSME, SME, and StartUps with an existing business.

Strictly not for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Are you an Entrepreneur/Business Owner with an existing Business or a new set-up & facing Business challenges that are making you rethink sustainability, scalability, or maybe even the whole decision of starting this journey?

Are you a hardworking, honest businessman who is wanting but yet struggling to grow your business —

  • Because of new-age marketing and Sales techniques

  • Because of Ever-Increasing Competition (Online/Offline)

  • Because of Changing business dynamics

  • Because of Ever-Changing NewAge technologies

Is your business income not matching your personal income expectation?

Are you struggling to build a team that can grow your business?

Are you struggling to get desired margins from customers?

Are you struggling with Sales Closures?

Have you reached a point where sometimes even the motivation to do business is very low?

Are you sometimes even getting bored with your business as it’s not providing any growth or new excitement anymore?

Are you looking to explore new business opportunities but not sure how to validate?

Are you looking for a business Mentor/Coach + Business Consultant who can not only solve your current problems but also draw a custom made future growth path for you and your business?

What is offered in Consulting?

Saurabh believes every Entrepreneur is unique when it comes to mindset, skillset, emotional state, personal and business financial state, family structure (Bachelor or with responsibilities).

Again Every Entrepreneur is unique when it comes to the kind of problems he or she is facing, the kind of solutions that he or she is currently able to produce. Ex. Both Mr. X and Mr. Y will claim that they know Marketing or Sales as a skill but what level of Marketing as a skill Mr. X knows will be way different from what level of Marketing as a skill, Mr. Y will know.

Saurabh in this consulting first spends intense time and energy to understand the depth of individual entrepreneurs, what he calls the current state of entrepreneur at the SkillSet & Mindset level, and problems he or she is facing or aspirations he or she wants to achieve. He then builds a tailor-made consulting solution to suit the entrepreneur and scale it from there.

All this happens in one on one consulting sessions with Saurabh.

He modulates his coaching and consulting as per the candidate and not just superimposes the same set of a framework on everyone at the same time. Because at the end of the assignment, Saurabh does not want an entrepreneur to just end up being motivated with no action plan to execute. He wants that post his consulting, the entrepreneur should have a clear skill-building action-oriented execution plan that the entrepreneur is immediately able to execute as the consulting is on and observe real LIVE results in his/her business.

According to Saurabh, Business is one of the most complicated skills to learn in this world unless learned the right way from the right person. It is complicated because it involves investment, financial transactions, and intense skill-building. It is not something that can be picked up by googling or sitting endlessly on youtube listening to digital marketing sessions or a motivational speaker.

After this the real learning starts, learning around real business skills, Entrepreneur Mindset required to touch the next level of the journey and accelerate from thereon. In the consulting journey, Saurabh first clearly shows the next state/level that the entrepreneur can achieve and then both the entrepreneur and Saurabh get on the action model to create and deliver desired results.

The consulting assignment is not a book teaching methodology but real-life learning and experiential-based on problem-solving of real case scenarios of the entrepreneur’s real business. In the consulting journey with Saurabh, Entrepreneur not only learns but also implements the learning to see incremental improvements followed by desired growth.

Every ELEMENT of Business from Marketing(Online/Offline), Sales, Personal Skill building, Financial Management, Human Resource Management to Technology Building is covered in the consulting.

What is the purpose of doing this consulting? Why Does Saurabh want to do it?

Saurabh wants India to progress and believes a nation becomes strong only if it has good genuine entrepreneurs who want to build some real genuine businesses that if grown can generate profits, generate employment and bring prosperity to the nation. Every Entrepreneur can genuinely build and scale a business provided he knows “WHAT To Do” and “HOW To Do” which means knowing the REAL SKILLS of doing business. 

Saurabh is passionate about entrepreneurship and is always keen to start more businesses, partnering with new entrepreneurs. Businesses can grow only if skilled and honest people collaborate. This personal consulting is also a hiring ground for Saurabh to look out for serious entrepreneurs to partner.

In this personal consulting, Saurabh grooms the entrepreneur at every skill of business so intensely as just like he is building a new partner and a new business. If all goes well, Saurabh after 6 months or 1 years of engagement, also offers partnership to the entrepreneur getting consulted by him where Saurabh might offer to pick up small equity in the company in return for an investment of cash or sweat in the venture. 

How is it different from others?

Firstly, it’s different because of the Person behind the consulting which is Saurabh Bhandari. Saurabh not only consults other fellow entrepreneurs in their journey but is also building his own businesses in Ecommerce, Technology, and Advertisement.

He does not believe in just motivating an Entrepreneur to leave him with high energy but believes in solving real business problems. Business is about real-life problem solving and not around bullshit motivation.

He believes that an Entrepreneur will automatically get motivated when he sees results that are taking him to the next level of his journey.

How is it Structured and delivered?

The complete assignment is based only on Real Life Case Study and Problem Solving of the current business of the entrepreneur/business owner. 

It is delivered in a mixed format of Personal one on one consulting, group consulting, LIve Videos, Recorded Videos.

There will be Monthly 3 dedicated One on One sessions with Saurabh Bhandari, 3 exclusive recorded Videos, 1 group consulting session, Live business activity post each session.

Live sessions can be delivered in person or by ZOOM.

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