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Power Woman Of India – Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi, as we all know is a renowned politician, ex IPS Officer, social activist & former tennis player. After her master’s degree in political sciences, she joined service as IPS Officer in 1972 making a mark in the history of India by being the First Woman IPS Officer of the country.

In an ego-centric and male dominated world, she stuck to her goals and ambitions and worked her way up with sheer confidence and hard work. Kiran Bedi was one of the officers with the spine to ensure that “LAW IS FOR ALL”. The fact that all of her male dominated seniors did not want her around showed the ethics, honesty, commitment and conviction she had towards work. The following are few notable achievements from her years of service that I would like to highlight today, from which we all need to learn :

Within 3 months of her service, cases on crimes, eve-teasing, sexual harassment, wife beating etc dropped down. When you work with commitment & passion, results are bound to show no matter what. Actions speak louder than words. Results speak about your work.

When Kiran Bedi became DCP of Delhi north district, she recognized drug abuse as the primary problem at that time. She setup a detox centre and travelled all over India highlighting the issue of drug abuse and giving lectures and presentations to tackle this issue. Finding problems, creating solutions to it, implementing them, tracking its effectiveness & further improvising it is a skill everybody needs to pick up in order to succeed.

After her services in Delhi, Kiran Bedi DEMANDED the CHALLENGING posting in Mizoram which other officers used to refuse. The major crime there was heroin smuggling. Noting that Mizoram is a Christian majority state, she reduced Christian prayers & programs to reduce drug & alcoholic induced behavior. We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we take up challenges and shine through it. Would you choose easy work or challenging work?

She then took up an even more CHALLENGING role of making Tihar jail (this most notorious, unmanageable and violent jail in India) a model jail. She brought in several reforms which improved the inmate’s attitudes and reduced violence, made them more productive and employable and made sure all their concerns were heard. Kiran Bedi’s reforms at Tihar jail got her WORLDWIDE ACCLAIM. If what you do, does not challenge you, it will never change you. Do you prefer being comfortable in your cushy job and being what and where you are all through your life, or would you prefer to take up challenges and come out victoriously and live a legendary life?

Kiran Bedi faced several backlashes during her entire career. Her seniors who were all men couldn’t accept how she was succeeding so fast and being noted and recognized even by international leaders. The Ultimate measure of someone Is Not where they Stand In Moments Of Comfort And Convenience, but Where they Stand At Times Of Challenge And Controversy. Would you let other’s envy and negativity bog you down / do you have it in you to believe in yourself and ignore the noise to keep succeeding?

So these are few things from Kiran Bedi’s career life that I wanted you all to remember again today and LEARN from it. This is a tiny part of the story of how a WOMAN from just another Sikh family fought her way up in the male dominated society and transformed millions of lives.


I see many women coming up to me and complaining how it’s difficult for women to succeed in a patriarchal society, about how it is difficult that business sometimes has field work involved and hence they feel discouraged and find it not suitable. If there is one thing that I want all the women reading this to understand is that YOUR GENDER HAS NO ROLE IN YOUR SUCCESS / FAILURE.

Think for yourself…how much hard work, effort, commitment, perseverance are you ready to put in towards MAKING YOUR GOALS HAPPEN? When CHALLENGES come, are you going to cry over it doing nothing or are you ready to FIGHT THE CHALLENGES and move ahead? When you foresee problems, are you going to RUN AWAY from it are you going to FIND SOLUTIONS? THESE are what will define if you succeed / fail. These are the things that makes a person a WINNER OR A LOSER. It is time to decide NOW! Do you want to be a WINNER OR A LOSER?


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