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5 Business Lessons from Dr Gupta’s success story with Kent RO

What comes up in your mind first when you think of water purifiers? It is undoubtedly an image of Hema Malini with KENT RO purifier. Such is the brand impact that Kent RO has created in the minds of us consumers over the years. In 1988, jaundice gripped Dr. Mahesh Gupta’s children and that’s when he realized that these water-borne diseases are way too common and that he had to use his expertise and skills to come up with a solution. That is how Kent RO was born.

Here are 5 lessons I draw from Dr. Gupta’s success story with Kent RO:

1. Follow your passion & have the courage to dream big! Dr. Mahesh Gupta had a well-paying job as an engineer at Indian Oil Company after completing his graduation from IIT Kanpur. He always knew he wanted to do something of his own. He was the first member of his family who dared to choose business over a well-paying job as he wanted to follow his passion and do bigger things in life. “Healthcare is not just a business for me, it is a passion. In fact, it is very the very purpose of the existence of Kent. Kent has been working according to the needs of our customers and we work hard each day to make our customers happy”, adds Mahesh.

2. Take calculated risks! It was after seven years of refining his skills in the industry that Mahesh Gupta quit his job to get into entrepreneurship. He now had a clear problem in mind that he wanted to solve. He believed in taking risks and wanted to work on his own ideas. He put his savings of Rs 20,000 into patents. With an investment of Rs 5 lakh that he was able to save from his previous venture, he started Kent RO at the garage of his house.

3. Don’t let failure make you quit. Mahesh worked hard on different models to solve the problem but consistently failed. It was after 6 months of hard work and failure that he finally discovered reverse osmosis technology which Kent RO came up with. Even after the product was successfully tested, it was resisted by the market due to its high price. It is through very slow word of mouth that it’s sales finally picked up

4. Know when to do what. Kent RO was definitely growing but very slowly. This is when Dr. Gupta realizes the importance of marketing. He wanted to get into advertising and knew the right brand ambassador should be a renowned personality who is also a celebrated mother. That is how Hema Malini came into the picture in 2006. This turned out to be the first year when Kent made a revenue of a whopping 30 crore as the entire nation recognized and accepted the brand.

5. Don’t settle. Keep your spirits high and keep going Dr. Gupta’s determination and efforts have made Kent RO grow remarkably well in the healthcare industry. Despite of the immense success and the glorious present that he has achieved, it doesn’t stop him there. He still works hard with bigger dreams. He Is still working on innovative solutions to problems, discovering new technologies and bringing them to as many consumers as possible.

His message for young entrepreneurs is. “They should bring new innovations and must believe in their dreams. Think less and have a passion to live.” Dr. Mahesh Gupta’s success story teaches us that no matter where you begin your journey from and how, it is your passion, vision, and perseverance that determine your success.

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