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WHY I Write and So Should You…! 🙂.🙂.🙂.🙂. Very Important but oftentimes Ignored “Management Lesson” one should imbibe very early in professional & personal life: “Habit to Write”📝🖋️ “Habit to Write” all “Random Thoughts” that passes our mind…thoughts that hold even slightest of importance… Be it personal or professional…Business ideas…Work-related Issues..M.O.M’s…New Learnings…Goals…Just anything important..🙂.. WHY??...
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Entrepreneurs are that species of ManKind because of whom the whole world economy is moving. For any economic activity to take place, someone has to innovate, someone has to make a business out of innovation, someone has to distribute & finally someone has to sell that innovation. All of these business activities are done by...
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Well, I must tell you that I was doing very well for myself in all my corporate stints whether it was at SAMSUNG or at HP or at TCS.   In fact, I was drawing a very high salary, high enough not to quit and start the journey of entrepreneurship. Now some of you at...
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