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A business consulting firm focused on providing personal business consulting and 100% hand-holding to entrepreneurs/business owners of start ups and small and medium businesses.

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Business consulting

Business Growth Explored

Marketing consulting

Reach out to your market.

Management consulting

Do what it takes to do it!

Opportunity Valuation

A Head start Away!

Sales consulting

Just a sale away!

Brand Consulting

Branding, Branding, Branding!

What Our Clients Say

Inventeron Technologies achieved INR 30 lacs revenue in only 1 month

Mohammed Atha
Inventeron Technologies

Result of Consultation is- WOW:
Saved 15 lakhs Without spending single paisa on marketing, we have increased 100% Revenue 1.6 lakhs to 4 lakhs per month ;
Soon we are going to open One more dental clinic; I got a business partner.

Chethan Rao
Dr. Shalini Dental

From 50 students to 160 Students  and over 330 Students and 1 Cr revenue in 2019-20 school calendar

Sanabil English High School

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