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Azad – I Will Live And Die Free

The Indian Freedom Movement took two routes to fight the British rule – One was that of diplomacy and deliberations, then there was the REVOLUTIONARY.

Chandra Shekhar Azad was a REVOLUTIONARY. His mother wanted him to become a Sanskrit scholar and so the young lad was sent to Kashi Vidyapeeth for higher studies where he became aware of the turmoil India was in and started his involvement at an age of 15 by taking part in the Non-Cooperation movement. YES, you READ IT RIGHT… At a young age of 15, he chose a non-conventional path to lead a life he was determined about.

Chandra Shekhar grew up with Bhils who inhabited the area and learnt wrestling, swimming along with archery. He was an ardent follower of Lord Hanuman from a young age. He practiced javelin throwing and developed an enviable physique. A childhood well spent developing and improving skills by doing what one liked.

As a child Chandra Shekhar preferred outdoors. As a student he was average but once in BANARAS, he came in contact with several young nationalists. He was part of a group of young revolutionaries who dedicated their lives towards a single goal – securing freedom for his beloved motherland India.

He not only decided on a GOAL but also consistently and persistently followed it on like he had no other option…

He was the quintessential firebrand revolutionary who fiercely craved independence for his country. A contemporary of Bhagat Singh, Azad was the master of disguises and evaded capture by the British police multiple times. He learnt the art that was required to get the job done.

Azad’s impact on the British law enforcement faction was evident from how much effort they put to capture him, dead or alive. They even announced a reward of Rs. 30,000 on his head. There is a popular saying, your friends indicate your character and your enemies indicate your strength.

Chandra Shekhar Azad’s true legacy lies in his indomitable urge to remain free forever. His name instantly brings into fore, a one man army who shook the foundations of the British Raj. Azad’s way of violent usurping freedom is still remembered as one of the bravest and awe-inspiring figures of the Indian armed revolution.


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